Broadband Coalition Statement on VZ-INCOMPAS Letter

In response to the letter from Verizon and INCOMPAS on the FCC's Business Data Services proceeding today, The Broadband Coalition, a collection of competitive broadband providers united to preserve innovation, competition and connection for future networks, released the following statement:

"We welcome constructive conversation on the FCC’s Business Data Services proceeding, such as today's letter from Verizon and INCOMPAS, and a recent letter from Public Knowledge.  

“We are encouraged by progress, but strong Commission action is still needed in order to bring relief to millions of business customers who have long been denied competition, lower prices and innovation because of monopoly pricing and lack of choice.  

“The FCC’s data driven process, built on a historic pricing investigation, paves the way for reform.  Proper follow through by the agency has the potential to redirect billions of dollars in hidden overcharges paid by consumers and entrepreneurs everywhere, and instead let them spend those dollars building their homes and businesses.” 


About the Broadband Coalition: 

The Broadband Coalition: Competitive broadband providers united to preserve innovation, competition and connection for future networks.  

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Broadband Coalition Statement on FCC Business Data Action, Lock Up

WASHINGTON DC (April 28th, 2016) – Today the FCC voted to address some of the terms and conditions holding back broadband competition, and took an important step to advance its proceeding to reform the business data service market. 


In response, the Broadband Coalition released the following statement:


“The FCC continues to move forward on a future that protects, promotes and expands competition for business customers. The historic data collection and action today on reforms to end market power abuse is critical to helping customers obtain more choices, lower prices and innovative products. 


“We commend the FCC for moving forward on curbing larger providers’ abuse of market power over business data services, which is holding back advanced network deployment and curbing greater IP-based competition. We look forward to continuing to work with the FCC to ensure customers are free to choose among multiple broadband providers to help their business grow.”


Broadband Coalition Welcomes FCC Action on Competition

FCC Move Could End Decade of Delay, Unleash Future of Competition

Washington DC (April 8th, 2016) – Today the FCC and Chairman Tom Wheeler announced additional movement on the long-delayed special access proceeding to help protect and promote competition for business customers and community buildings such as schools, libraries and hospitals. 

The Broadband Coalition, which has led efforts to end the incumbent Bell telcos’ abuse of their market power through filings and a video campaign, welcomed the FCC’s movement to address anti-competitive rates, terms and conditions. 

In response to FCC action, Jeff Sharp, a spokesperson for the Broadband Coalition, released the following statement: 

“Chairman Wheeler today announced policy reform efforts intended to end a decade of delay and unleash a century of choice and innovation. The FCC is also taking additional steps to address anti-competitive terms and conditions that lock up customers and lock out competition. 

“The Broadband Coalition welcomes pro-consumer action and looks forward to working with the entire FCC to promote more competition and choice for our customers. 

“Competition policy has created new companies, new jobs and new networks. But as the FCC data indicates, the process of achieving the goals of bi-partisan competition policy remains in its infancy.  FCC special access data shows an alarming lack of competition for these critical communications services. 77 percent of locations have only one facilities-based provider with a connection to the building, while nearly 21 percent have only two. 

“That means a staggering 98 percent of buildings only have one or two choices for a facilities-based provider.  

“With conclusive data in hand, the FCC now has the authority and the responsibility to act. Ending the Bell’s abuse of their market power will mean lower prices and more competition for business customers, schools, libraries, hospitals and government buildings. “


About the Broadband Coalition:

The Broadband Coalition: Competitive broadband providers united to preserve innovation, competition and connection for future networks. 

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NEW VIDEO: Big Old Broadband Locking Up Customers, Locking Out Competition

The Broadband Coalition Brings Back Animated BOB to Help Explain FCC Lock Up Investigation into Terms and Conditions that Harm Deployment 

WASHINGTON DC (December 3, 2015) – BOB is back. That’s bad news for business customers and broadband competition. In a new animated video released today by The Broadband Coalition -- a collection of competitive broadband providers -- BOB (Big Old Broadband) returns to torment customers seeking more choice and lower prices for broadband service. 

To watch the new video, BOB Part 2: The Lock Up, CLICK HERE:


In BOB Part 2: The Lock Up business customers are still forced to take the meatloaf of broadband, and further punished by volume commitments and harmful terms and conditions that prevent them from leaving – even when new competition comes to town. 

In October, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) launched an investigation into “lock-up” provisions that are preventing customers from switching broadband providers and delaying the deployment of new, advanced networks.

Several of the Broadband Coalition members –including Level 3, XO Communications and Windstream -- sent letters to the FCC calling for action on lock-up provisions to help encourage competition in the special access marketplace.

“Customers want more choices and better prices for broadband service, but Big Old Broadband is locking customers in and locking competition out,” said Jeff Sharp, a spokesperson for the Broadband Coalition. “Our BOB videos show how outrageous terms and conditions are designed to preserve monopoly-era market power. When all the customers in town are locked into buying old Bell products, there is less incentive for new network builders. Consumer choice, freedom and innovation power a robust broadband marketplace that will bring faster speeds and lower prices. We encourage the FCC to end the Bell lock-up and help speed the transition to new advanced networks.” 

The new BOB video is a follow up to this summers animated hit which helped drive over 10,000 petition signers to the More Choice, More Competition petition on Change.Org.

To watch BOB Part ONE, click here.


About the Broadband Coalition:

The Broadband Coalition: Competitive broadband providers united to preserve innovation, competition and connection for future networks. 

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Broadband Coalition Urges Rosenworcel Confirmation

Washington DC (October 28, 2015) – The United States Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on the appointment of Jessica Rosenworcel to a new five-year term on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Ms. Rosenworcel has served as a commissioner on the FCC since 2013.

The Broadband Coalition, a collection of broadband providers united to promote competition and innovation policy, urged the Senate to confirm Commissioner Rosenworcel to a new term.

The following statement can be attributed to Jeff Sharp, a spokesperson for the Broadband Coalition:

“Jessica Rosenworcel has proven to be a tireless advocate for access, education, and competition.

“Priorities drive policy, and Commissioner Rosenworcel’s commitment to our schools and our children have placed important issues such as bridging the homework gap on the national agenda.

“As a champion of competition, Commissioner Rosenworcel has demonstrated her commitment to new networks and more choices for all Americans seeking greater access to broadband. Most recently, during the Tech Transitions Order, she helped unite the FCC around a set of core principles that guided the debate.

“We congratulate Commissioner Rosenworcel on her nomination and encourage the U.S. Senate to move swiftly to confirm her so that she can continue her important work on polices that encourage broadband competition, affordability and access for all Americans.”