Broadband Coalition Praise FCC for Denying AT&T’s Bullying Rate Hike Sneak Attack
Friday, July 15, 2016 at 05:49PM
TBC Editor

WASHINGTON DC (July 15, 2016) – Today the FCC rejected an anti-competitive measure by AT&T that would have stripped cost saving options for business customers that promote flexibility and competition. 


In response to the FCC action today, a spokesperson for the Broadband Coalition released the following statement: 


“We are thrilled the FCC has denied the bullying attempt by AT&T to strip cost saving portability plans that provide flexibility and affordable broadband options. 


“AT&T was attempting a rate hike sneak attack that would have increased prices for customers, wireless backhaul and community buildings and we applaud the FCC for stepping in. 


“Brazen displays of market power, such as the rate hike sneak attacks we have seen in the past week from large incumbent providers, underscore the immediate need for action on business data service reform.  We encourage the FCC to act quickly and forcefully to fix a broken market and promote competition that business customer’s large and small desire.”




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The Broadband Coalition: Competitive broadband providers united to preserve innovation, competition and connection for future networks. Members including EarthLink, Level 3 and Windstream filed in opposition to the AT&T petition.


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