Broadband Coalition Welcomes FCC Action on Competition
Friday, April 8, 2016 at 11:43AM
TBC Editor

FCC Move Could End Decade of Delay, Unleash Future of Competition

Washington DC (April 8th, 2016) – Today the FCC and Chairman Tom Wheeler announced additional movement on the long-delayed special access proceeding to help protect and promote competition for business customers and community buildings such as schools, libraries and hospitals. 

The Broadband Coalition, which has led efforts to end the incumbent Bell telcos’ abuse of their market power through filings and a video campaign, welcomed the FCC’s movement to address anti-competitive rates, terms and conditions. 

In response to FCC action, Jeff Sharp, a spokesperson for the Broadband Coalition, released the following statement: 

“Chairman Wheeler today announced policy reform efforts intended to end a decade of delay and unleash a century of choice and innovation. The FCC is also taking additional steps to address anti-competitive terms and conditions that lock up customers and lock out competition. 

“The Broadband Coalition welcomes pro-consumer action and looks forward to working with the entire FCC to promote more competition and choice for our customers. 

“Competition policy has created new companies, new jobs and new networks. But as the FCC data indicates, the process of achieving the goals of bi-partisan competition policy remains in its infancy.  FCC special access data shows an alarming lack of competition for these critical communications services. 77 percent of locations have only one facilities-based provider with a connection to the building, while nearly 21 percent have only two. 

“That means a staggering 98 percent of buildings only have one or two choices for a facilities-based provider.  

“With conclusive data in hand, the FCC now has the authority and the responsibility to act. Ending the Bell’s abuse of their market power will mean lower prices and more competition for business customers, schools, libraries, hospitals and government buildings. “


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