Who We Are

  • Broadband Coalition members deploy state-of-the-art, “next generation” networks to provide integrated voice, data, and applications services to customers in all sectors of the US economy to all sectors of the business community, including small business, health, education and government.
  • We invest in our cities and towns, stimulate the economy and create jobs.
  • We provide competitive choice in the business broadband market; provide innovative products tailored to our customers’ needs and a check on pricing against traditional wireline incumbent providers as well as greater value proposition to our customers.
  • We focus on customer service, helping American businesses and small businesses optimize broadband applications.
  • We are committed to offering a broadband choice, investment and broadband innovation, as envisioned by the Telecommunications Act of 1996.  
  • We give the American people a choice when selecting a telecom services provider.


  • We are America’s innovative broadband providers.
  • We provide value and choice as we connect America to the world.
  • We believe America’s economic vitality requires vibrant competition in telecommunications and broadband.
  • We urge government to reaffirm the Telecom Act’s commitment to competition as America's networks transition to broadband.